ALL DOGS attending Li’l Nell’s  MUST be up to date with RABIES VACINATIONTHIS IS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please bring in rabies verification on your first visit to Li’l Nell’s and every time it is renewed. BORDATELLA SHOT is not required for bringing your dogs in at Lil Nells. if you have had the vaccination within the week of your grooming appointment we ask that you wait a week as it is contagious to the other dog. This vaccination is to prevent kennel cough, an airborne virus transmitted between dogs similar to common cold in human. Please protect your pet. Li’l Nell’s is not responsible for instances of kennel cough.


When making an appointment Keep in mind that grooming at Li’l Nell’s requires your pet to spend a minimum of 4 hours at the shop. Express grooming is available upon request.* 23 dollar value! * Client’s are dropped off between 8am and Noon the day of appointment. Owner’s are required to fill out a contact information card upon first visit.

Please be prepared with your Vet’s info as well as information about your pet’s health, demeanor and grooming history!
Owner’s are welcome to stay, keeping in mind the time required.

Walk-ins are welcome for Self Serve Petwash, Mini Groom’s, and other extra services. Grooming and bathing appointments must be called ahead. Don’t be afraid to call same day we will try our best to fit you in!